MATERIAL: wool or semi-wool, combined suit material.



Suit material of 150 αm width; companion lining of 140 cm width; fusing; 1 zipper 20 αm length; 1 button.




1. Front panel - 1 folded detail

2. Back panels - 2 details

3. Waistband - 1 €₯β «μ



1. Front panel - 1 folded detail

2. Back panel - 2 details


Fusing: waistband.




1. Strengthen the waistband with fusing (press thermal interfacing on the wrong side with hot iron).


2. Sew back central seam between slit marks. Press slit edges into wrong side.


3. Sew zipper under waistline edge so that to hide teeth.


4. Sew darts and side seams.


5. Sew darts and seams into lining. Pull lining into fabric skirt wrong sides together and tack waistlines. Sew closure allowance to zipper band.


6. Sew waistband and waistline right sides together. Leave closure allowance at back right end. Sew waistband ends. Fold under the seam allowance of the open waistband edge overlapping the joining seam and topstitch closely along the edge. Work a button holes into left end, sew button to right one.


7. Undersew the skirt. Sew slit allowance to hem. Undersew the lining hem so that lining was 2 cm shorter than fabric skirt. Fold the hem tucking under and sew to slit allowance.