YOU NEED: denim with lycra; decorative fabric; fusing; 1 zipper; 1 button.




2. Front side part 2 pieces

3. Front sacking 2 pieces

4. Upper front part 2 pieces

5. Button catch 1 piece

6. Lower front part 2 pieces

8. Back part 2 pieces

10. Waistband 1 piece

11. Belt loop 4 pieces


Decorative fabric:

1. Figure facing 2 pieces

7. Slit facing 4 pieces

9. Back yoke 2 pieces


Fusing: waistband, slit facing, buttn catch.




Apply the fusing to wrong side of waistband, button catch and slit facing.


Sew figure facing to front parts (do not forget to neaten their lower edges). Topstitch sacking on pocket entrances, right sides together. Cut joining seam allowances to 0.5 cm width. Turn the sacking into wrong side. Topstitch entrances on 0.75 cm. Pin front parts on cut sides along marking, tack to entrances up and down. Stitch sacking from wrong side on the one-piece sackings with sides. Tack cut sides and front parts.


Sew front upper parts and front lower parts. Press allowances upwards and topstitch.


Sew front parts right sides together under slit mark along front middle seam, stop sewing 2 cm before inside leg seam.


Press closure one-piece facing into wrong side. Sew the zipper under closure allowance. Sew zipper free band to right part to one-piece facing. Fold the button catch along the center its right side out, then neaten along long and short edges. Topstitch closure one-piece facing onto the zipper on the burron catch (on garmant left part). Topstitch slit right edge catching facing.


Sew inside leg and side seams to notch marking. Sew back edge and unsewn part of font edge with one stitch. Press allwances apart, downward roundings.


Sew belt loops along long and one of short edges.


Sew the waistband and garment upper edge, right sides together; leave closure projecting allowance at waistband left end. When sewing, insert belt loops raw ends between the garment and the waistband.

Press joining seam allowance to the waistband. Fold the waistband its wrong sides out along the center, then sew short ends. Turn the waistband right side out, then topstitch strictly along joining seam on the garment right side. Topstitch belt loops overstitched ends on the waistband.


Fold slit facing along the center right sides together, then overstitch one short edge. Turn facing into right side and press them along the center. Sew facings to garment wrong side coinciding edges. Turn facings into right side, then topstitch along the marking.


Turn hem allowances into wrong side, then topstitch.


Make a buttonhole into waistband tight end, sew the button on the right one.