7055 DRESS


YOU NEED: poplin; fusing; zipper.




1. Flap 4 pieces

2. Back part 2 pieces

3. Side part 2 pieces

4. Front part 1 folded piece

5. Neckline facing 1 piece

6. Tie 2 pieces

7. Sleeve 2 pieces


Fusing: flap




1. Apply the fusing to wrong side of flaps.


2. Stitch middle back seam between marks. Neaten seam allowances and press them apart, press lit edges.


3. Stitch side parts to back part.


4. Lay flaps in pairs and overstitch along three sides. Turn details right side out and press. Topstitch flaps at 0.1 cm from edges. Neaten open edge and topstitch on back/side parts.


5. Stitch side parts to front part, stitch shoulder seams.


6. Tack the zipper under slit edges with its teeth hidden, then stitch at 0.5 cm distance.


6. Press the facing along the center right side out. Cut neckline edge to 0.5 cm. Stitch the facing to neckline edge with 0.5 cm seam right sides together. Fold the facing into wrong side rounding the seam and topstitch along joining seam. Fold facing edges near the zipper and sew by hand.


7. Stitch sleeve seams. Neaten seam allowances and press them apart. Press sleeve hems into wrong side, fold edges under and topstitch.


8. Stitch sleeves in, easing along sleeve caps between marks. To do this, make large machine stitches along both sides of the line of joining sea and pull the fabric slightly on lower thread. Pin the sleeve into armhole first along lower segment of the armhole coinciding sleeve seam and side seam as well as transverse marks on front part and sleeve. Do not ease neither armhole nor the sleeve. Pin the sleeve above shoulder seam coinciding the seam and transverse mark on sleeve cap. Pin the sleeve along armholes upper segment easing the sleeve. Tack and stitch sleeves into armholes at sleeve side; begin stitching at sleeve seams. Neaten seam allowances together. Press seam allowances toward sleeves at sleeve cap segments.


9. Press hem allowance into wrong side, fold under and topstitch making a coulisse. Stitch tie pieces together. Lay the tie along the center wrong side out and overstitch long/short edges. Turn the detail right side out and press. Pull the tie into the coulisse.