YOU NEED: patent fabric; Velcro.




1. Back part – 1 folded piece

2. Front part – 2 pieces

3. Collar – 2 folded pieces

4. Sleeve – 2 pieces




1. Stitch shoulder/side seams.


2. Lay inner collar on outer one wrong sides out, and overstitch them along ends and collar fall. Turn the collar right side out and press it.


3. Fold one-piece front bands into right side and overstitch upper/lower corners. Cut allowances, fold front bands into wrong side, slash upper allowance neat the seam.


4. Stitch inner collar on the garment right sides together. Fold the collar upwards, press allowances towards the collar. Fold free edge of outer collar, fold it under and topstitch along the seam joining inner one.


5. Stitch sleeve seams. Stitch seams into armholes. Press sleeve hems into wrong side, fold them under and topstitch.


6. Press garment hem allowance into wrong side, fold it under and topstitch.


7. Topstitch Velcro pieces according to marks.