YOU NEED: natural/mixed fabric; lining; 1 button.




1. Back part 2 pieces

2. Front part 1 folded pieces



3. Back part 2 pieces

4. Front part 1 folded pieces




Sew middle seam downwards from zipper mark. Press allowances apart, then neaten them.


Neaten front middle parts allowance. Sew it to the pleat. Press inverted pleat according to marks. Fix it with diagonal stitches at the top.


Sew side seams.


Turn garment hem into wrong side and topstitch.


Sew back middle seam into lining to zipper mark. Sew side seams into lining. Apply lining and fabric details right sides together, then overstitch along edges of neckline and armholes, leaving slits of 1 cm near shoulder edges. Turn the garment right side out through shoulder seams. Sew shoulder seams in fabric details. Turn shoulder edges and lining closures allowance into wrong side and sew by hand. Turn lining hem into wrong side and topstitch.


Make a buttonhole and sew it to neckline edge. Sew the button to another edge.