YOU NEED: fabric suitable for clocks; warmer; Velcro band.




1. Back part 1 folded piece

3. Off-set welt 2 pieces

4. Sacking 2 pieces

5. Front part 2 pieces

7. Front band 2 pieces

8. Collar 2 pieces

9. Sleeve 2 pieces

11. Hood side 2 pieces

12. Hood center 1 piece



2. Back part 1 folded piece

6. Front part 2 pieces

10. Sleeve 2 pieces

11. Hood side 2 pieces

12. Hood center 1 piece


Warmer: apply the warmer to wrong side of back/front parts, sleeves, outer collar and hold parts (topstitch them along center).




1. Apply the fusing to wrong side of off-set welt.


2. Make SLIT POCKETS WITH OFF-SET WELT at side front parts: press off-set welts along the center right side out. Apply 2-cm stripe of fusing to wrong side of front part above pocket marking. Lay pocket welt and fabric sacking on front part, right sides together, pin along pocket entrance marking and stitch (welt lengthwise/sacking edges must coincide with pocket marking center). Cut front part between stitches, diagonally to stitch ends. Do not cut welts and sackings! Press seam allowances apart. Turn welts and sackings to wrong side through a slit, then tack. Lay lower sacking on welt at front wrong side (turn sacking upwards), and topstitch the welt on joining seam on right side, catching sacking. Press sacking downwards. Turn small triangles at slit ends to wrong side and stitch, with welts ends, strictly between upper stitch ends and lower stitch ends. Cut sacking, adjust and stitch.


3. Sew garment side/shoulder seams.


4. Lay outer collar and inner collar right sides together and overstitch them along ends and flying part. Turn the collar right side out and press it.


5. Sew hood parts. Topstitch the hold along center part.


6. Sew sleeve seams. Sew sleeves into armholes. Press garment/sleeve hems to wrong side.


7. Sew lining details leaving a slit (to turn the garment right side out) into one of sleeves. Stitch front band to lining. Lay the lining on the garment and overstitch along all edges inserting the hood and the collar between lining neckline and garment neckline. Turn the garment right side out and stitch the slit. Sew lining sleeve hem to fabric hem allowance neatly.


8. Topstitch Velcro pieces on right front part; topstitch Velcro on left front part.