YOU NEED: yoke; fusing; 1 zipper.




1. Back panel 1 folded piece

2. Right front panel 1 piece

3. Left front panel 1 piece

4. Back yoke 2 folded pieces

5. Front yoke 2 folded pieces


Fusing: lower yokes.




1. Apply the fusing to wrong side of lower yokes.


2. Press front middle edge allowance to wrong side and topstitch. Lay right panel on left one coinciding middle lines ad tack upper edges.


3. Sew lower yokes to panels upper edges, press allowances towards yokes.


4. Sew right side seam. Sew left side seam between lower edge and closure mark, press allowances apart. Tack the zipper under slit edges and stitch at right side.


5. Sew side seams at lower yokes.


6. Overstitch garment upper edge with lower yokes, turn them to wrong side and press. Topstitch open edges of lower yokes on seam joining upper yokes at right side. Fold lower yoke side edges under and sew them to zipper braid.


7. Fold hem allowance to wrong side and topstitch.